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Lakeland Flowers

A Warmerdam Tradition

The Dutch influence

The Warmerdam Family has deep roots in flower farming. Peter Warmerdam, a Dutch immigrant, came to Canada in search of happiness and opportunity after the Second World War. Growing up in Sassenheim NL, the largest tulip bulb producing area in the world, Peter eventually settled on the Sumas Flats, in Abbotsford where the sandy soils and steady wind made the ideal conditions for planting tulips. Peter shared his love of flower farming with his family, many of whom continue to grow flowers to this day. The Warmerdam name has become synonymous with quality BC flowers.

Lakeland Flowers is honoured to have a variety of tulips called Peter’s Legacy. This beautiful white single tulip was named after Peter Warmerdam by the cultivar tulip and bulb supplier, Nord Lommerse, after years of loyal partnership.

Sassenheim NL - circa 1950s
Sassenheim NL - wiki commons

Lakeland Flowers Today

A proud third generation farm

Lakeland Flowers - Farmer Nick
Lakeland Flowers - Farmer Nick
Lakeland Flowers - Farmer Nick

Lakeland Flowers is now owned and operated by Nick Warmerdam – a proud third generation bulb grower. Nick has built a successful business supplying fresh cut flowers and bulbs to the Pacific Northwest for the last 30 years.

Through years of experience, Nick has been able to adapt Lakeland Flowers to the changing demands of the cut flower and bulb market. Lakeland Flowers has grown and sold millions of fresh cut tulips, gladiola, peonies, daffodils annually across Canada and the US.

One of the most recent catalysts of change came in the wake of the November 2021 Sumas flooding. The flood decommissioned much of the commercial operation, damaging the greenhouse’s automation system and operational equipment. The Lakeland Flowers has scaled back operations but to grow tulips and peonies commercially. This shift has given Nick the opportunity towards agritourism.

Inspired by the experience of growing tulips commercially, Nick was taken by the beautiful floral spectacle of a field full of tulips in bloom. Wanting to share this experience with others, Lakeland Flowers fields are opening to the public throughout the blooming spring and summer for a number of floral offerings.

Farming for Tomorrow

Responsible Stewardship of the land

Nick holds a keen interest in regenerative agriculture practices and is incorporating these methods at Lakeland Flowers.

Regenerative practices are a holistic approach to farming with a focus on protecting and improving soil health by increasing the biological life within the soil. He has adopted growing cover crops that require less tillage in the fields when an event is not being held. These cover crops will not only create a beautiful expanse of flowering crops, but will also provide weed control and decompose into the soil surface to provide nutrients and soil protection.

Nick has always enjoyed the challenge of learning how to grow new things and to farm in a way that maximizes the use of the fields. These practices bring the added beauty of beautiful flowering meadows to Lakeland Flowers – an added attraction for guests visiting the farm!

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